Want a beautiful lawn this year in South Carolina?

But sick of the WORK required to keep a beautiful lawn? Here are some helpful hacks! Don’t Mow Wet Grass — It’s human nature to just want to go outside and get it done, but wait until the rain stops and give it some time to dry up. Mowing wet grass takes more effort and … Continued

Concerned about the security of your South Carolina home?

Well — it’s always better to be safe than sorry! At Pearl Properties, we are quite good at securing our own properties in South Carolina and we thought we’d drop by with some quick tips. Here you go! Befriend The Neighbors — Getting acquainted with the surrounding neighbors is a great way to ensure the … Continued

Want to refinance your South Carolina mortgage?

Great idea! There are a lot of benefits to doing so: reducing that monthly payment, tapping into equity, paying off the loan faster, getting rid of private mortgage insurance, or switching from an adjustable rate to a fixed rate. But… How does one go about it? Here are the steps! Know The Goal — The … Continued

Trying to find a job outside South Carolina?

Lots of people move locations for work — sometimes, though, they change jobs to be able to move somewhere else where they want to live. Either way… We thought we’d drop by and offer some advice for finding a job in another state if you’re looking to move outside of South Carolina. Here are some … Continued

Does your South Carolina home use well water?

If so, it’s important to understand how to periodically treat and test the water you’re using. At Pearl Properties, we’ve bought and sold many properties that use well water in the more rural parts of South Carolina and there are a few things that people should be aware of. Here’s what one should keep in … Continued