Going through the probate process in South Carolina?

That can feel like the dark pathway of paperwork that never ends… In fact, the American Bar Association places the average probate process (from start to finish) to last six to nine months. In rare cases, though, it can last as long as two years. Other times, it can be much faster. How long will … Continued

Real estate investing in South Carolina is hard.

It requires a lot of specialized knowledge and experience that can be difficult to acquire unless you’ve been working at it for years. And at Pearl Properties we’ve helped more than one property owner to get out of a bad real estate investment in South Carolina. Why? Sometimes the investor just didn’t have the time … Continued

Hey South Carolina – have a dust mite allergy?

Symptoms include… Sneezing Coughing Runny nose Stuffy nose Watery eyes Itchy eyes Itchy throat Itchy skin Chest pain We’ve seen a lot of properties in our time buying and selling real estate in South Carolina… and virtually all of them have dust mites (it’s just a matter of how many). So we thought we’d offer … Continued