How Is The Housing Market Changing in South Carolina?

How is the real estate market changing… and how will it affect the sale of your home?

Well, we’ve helped lots of people in Lexington, SC sell their home… and we consistently monitor the market for changes and shifts.

If you’re a home seller, then here are some market changes you should be aware of…

More Digital Buyers — It’s amazing what you can now do online for the sale of your home. Some people even buy or sell a property without ever leaving the comfort of their sofa. Tools like Zillow and Trulia have made it easier than ever before.

Interest Rates Are Decreasing — Because of Covid-19, the government is taking steps to decrease interest rates. If the house you’re in now isn’t a good fit for you, then you might consider selling and buying a new place quickly to take advantage of these record-setting interest rates.

Buyers Are Getting Picky — Every year, buyers get a little pickier about the kind of house they’ll buy. Most traditional buyers now expect to buy a home that has updated appliances, is sparkly clean, and is in a good part of town.  Professional Homebuyers Are Commonplace — In today’s market, professional buyers are becoming an appealing option to many sellers. Professional homebuyer, like us, can purchase your home for cash and close within just a couple of weeks… we’ll even buy your property as-is. Give us a call at 803-948-9200 if you want to sell your house fast for cash!