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Our main goal is to treat people with honesty and compassion and to save them time! We like to be treated that way so when we get to return the good vibes we go all out. We also know the importance of time (since you cant make more of it) so out intention is to save you time when dealing with your property. We offer a judgement free zone. We want to offer the most convenient hassle-free option when it comes to selling your property in South Carolina.

Pearl Properties was founded by Kyle Edens out of way to make extra cash to pay the bills, but took on new meaning when we saw how much good we can do in our communities on top of realizing that the corporate grind wasn’t giving us the opportunities we wanted as a family. What started as a way to better our personal lives gave us a glimpse into how we can better others lives and the communities we live in. We saw a great need for solutions to help individuals who need to quickly get rid of a property and are able to return our good fortune back to the communities we live in.

We get that no one will accept an offer that will not work for them, we aim to put our best offer in front of you from the start. Forget the HGTV stuff, we keep our rehabs on homes simple so that we can offer you top dollar for your property.

My Bio-Who is Kyle?

Kyle Edens is local born and raised in the great state of South Carolina. I have a huge passion for the outdoors-anything involving wildlife. If it has a body of water, you can find me on it. If I am not outside I will more than likely be cheering on my Carolina Gamecocks and the Carolina Panthers. (It can be tough being a Carolina fan at times 🙂 ) I attended Newberry College in the large city of Newberry, SC where i majored in Business Administration and minored in Philosophy (I had to take junk hours to graduate and a minor in philosophy sounded better than a minor in basket weaving to my parents). Both of my parents and my dad’s parents went to Newberry, so I guess I was the prodigal son to be required to attend. Being able to give back to Newberry College is one of the main reasons I chose to be in this business. There are so many individuals who need assistance in getting a higher education, so it made sense for me to start my philanthropic duties there!

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